Lisa also documented her search for the show. Before digging into her family's history, Lisa says she knew her father's parents were Eastern European Jews, but she wanted to know more.

"Most American Jews from Eastern Europe, they have a Holocaust story," she says. "I wanted to find out my family's story." One day, Lisa sat down with her father, Lee, to find out more.

After World War II, Lee says a distant relative showed up at his Brooklyn home to relay tragic news. His name was Yuri Barudin. "Yuri told our family that he was playing in the woods, and he could see that [the Nazis] were shooting, and he was watching his family being cut down by the Nazis," Lee says. "They killed all the Jews in town. My grandmother was one of them."

Lisa says the story of how her great-grandmother Meri Mordejovich died still haunts her father. "He was a child when this relative came over," she says. "I want to find out exactly what happened to my great-grandmother's family."


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