Neil and Jennifer talk about the death of their daughter.

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The accident took the lives of Katie and Stanley and left the rest of the family severely injured, physically and emotionally.

Now, Jennifer and Neil are sharing their story. "Because no one should live the life that I live. I felt a responsibility, an obligation, to come and to tell our story," Jennifer says. "I hope that by knowing the devastation that we lived through that night and still continue to live through, hopefully people are able to see and view the crime [of drunk driving] as it should be seen and viewed and that hopefully we'll save lives."

Jennifer says her back was to the windshield when the crash occurred. She was holding her daughter Grace and Katie was lying down on the side seat of the limo with her seat belt on. Jennifer says she felt a sense of calm at the scene, although others told her she had been screaming. "I wasn't worried for Kate because I do believe she's in heaven," she says. "At the time, I was more worried for us. I never, ever thought that Neil and I would be able to live without her."

As her family was extracted from the wreckage, Jennifer says she sat at the side of the road with Kate's severed head and watched the scene for an hour. "I didn't want to leave without the rest of my family," she says.

Neil, who had broken his back, tried to crawl out of the limo. "I heard my wife screaming, 'Katie's dead,' and I didn't want to accept it so I screamed back, 'No, she's just hurt real bad,'" he says. "I didn't know what Jen knew then."