Teresa reminds Roz to honor Jackson in another way—by remembering the happy times. "A way that I have found that I feel honors my children, but it brings me great joy and peace, is rather than focusing on those moments [of tragedy], I focus on the beauty of our children, the beauty of their smiles, the love and laughter that we had together, and that's what I choose to remember," she says.

Smith says when he thinks of his son, he asks himself what Jackson would want for his family. "Would he want you to imprison yourself in this pain? Or would he say, 'Unlock the door. Let yourself out,?'" Smith says. "Who we were, those days are no more. But who we've become through the fire, through these ashes, is a stronger, closer people, who we are. And the joy and the love that we have will be again. And he would want that."

After talking with Oprah, Roz's family joined Senator Hillary Clinton on Capitol Hill to urge the passage of a bill requiring back-over detection systems in all new vehicles.

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