Julie and Smith say they don't blame Roz for Jackson's death.

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Jackson's mother, Julie, says she, too, felt guilty after her son's death. "I blamed myself in the beginning, because I should have been doing my duties as a mother that night. I should have gotten there and put him in the car and taken my three children over to Christmas carol," she says.

Smith says he feels the same way. "I should have been the one who stepped up and had taken him over there," he says. "And [Roz], once again, gave of herself and said, 'I'll do it.' And it was not her job. It was out of her love this happened. And so it was our responsibility. It was on our watch that this happened. And she, through her giving, chose to say, 'I'll do it,' and gladly did it. And because of that, she has to carry this burden."

Both Smith and Julie say there has never been a moment when they blamed Roz for what happened, and Julie says they forgive her. "She showed us so much love and so much grace, had taken us in when we were struggling in the early part of our marriage," she says. "And I feel like she showed us how to forgive way before we even had to know that we had to give it back to her. She filled us up with what we had to give back to her, which was effortless. It was never even a decision."

Even though Jackson's parents don't blame her, Roz says she still has a difficult time forgiving herself. "'Forgive, forgive,'—you hear these words thrown around all the time," she says. "I also looked it up, and [the dictionary] says, 'to pardon.' If I forgave myself, I would be pardoning myself for not stopping that car for all these children running around."