Roz says she can't forgive herself.

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The years since the tragedy have been extremely difficult for Roz. "It's just been hell," she says. "You try not to be so sad for the people that are around you, because the sadness permeates through our family and you know that nobody can help you, and they want to help you, and so you just try not to cry all the time."

Since Jackson's death, Roz hasn't been able to forgive herself. "It would be [an accident] if it was somebody else. But I did it. It was me," she says. "It was me that did it. It was me that made a mistake."

Although she can't forgive herself, Roz says if someone else had made that terrible mistake, she could forgive them. "I would know that they loved the one that they hurt. I would know that, and I would feel the pain for them," she says. "But when you've done it, you've done it to your children, and you've taken a light, a life, because you made a mistake. That's more than I can forgive myself for."