Ryant, an unfaithful husband

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When Ryant was engaged to his now-wife, he had a second girlfriend—he didn't end the relationship when he got married. "I didn't actually stop seeing the other girl," Ryant says. "I'm not going to lie. I was a very weak person when it came to women. I had to be weaned a little bit [off of cheating]. Not suddenly."

After Ryant's wife found out about his affair, he pledged his fidelity. But his old habits died hard. "If I was alone with a woman, I would be immediately thinking about sleeping with her," he says. "I was a good, old fashioned 'ho.'"

Ryant says that whenever his wife confronted him about his faithfulness, he would get an attitude with her about it. "It was almost to the fact, 'How dare you? You don't know for sure. How dare you confront me, and how dare you snoop.' … My wife just wanted to know. And I would really convince myself that [she was] against me. [I'd say to her] 'You must be looking for something. You must not want to be married.' So I would feel a little guilty."