Brian, an unfaithful husband

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The book, The Script by Vicky Mainzer and Elizabeth Landers says that all men follow a blueprint when they cheat: "Unfaithful men all act alike. Just like they were following a script. Every woman who experiences an unfaithful husband feels confused and baffled by his contradictory statements and behavior. She starts believing that she really must be crazy, unappealing, selfish and unloving, just as her husband says. It's all a part of the script."

Brian had an affair with a woman at work for two-and-a-half months until he decided to confess to his wife. He believes that the ideas in The Script are pretty accurate. "There's not too many roads you can go on differently in an affair," Brian says. "It's pretty hard to come up with creative ways to cheat."

But Brian says he never felt unhappy in his marriage. He simply developed a strong connection with another woman. "I never got into the relationship with the other woman because I was dissatisfied with my wife," he says. "I still loved her in every way, and I just didn't understand [why I was cheating]. There was certainly an emotional connection I had to the other woman."