John & Amy

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Amy says that her husband, John, has not been fully forthcoming about his infidelities, and what she heard on this show has made it impossible for her to forgive him. Recently Amy found out about John's first infidelity—he's had two since then that she already knew about—by reading his old e-mails.

"He says he didn't [have actual sex with other women], but I'm not sure if I'm still willing to believe that because I've read the e-mails and it's obvious…they indicated that something physical happened, whether it was touching or something else. Whenever I ask him, it's the I-don't-remember card. I mean, this one was five years ago. The other two happened right under my nose and I didn't suspect them. I didn't consider them affairs. At the time I did consider them infidelity and very improper behavior."

With unanswered questions, and with John unwilling to own up to his actions, Amy says she doesn't know what will happen. "He keeps asking me why do I want to know?" she says. "I said I have to so I know what happened. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. I don't know. I need to know if it's something that can be saved and if it's something that we both have to work on. So I know what my part is, so I know what he went looking for."