Ryant & Danine

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Danine says that she actually wasn't surprised by Ryant's adulterous behavior. Danine says she even caught Ryant cheating right after they got married. "[Ryant's other woman] had been around before we got married and that relationship just never ended," Danine says.

What Ryant's cheating did do, however, was incite the inquisitiveness that Danine, who works as an investigator, says is in her nature. "I just started looking at the patterns, and he wasn't home at certain times. I kind of did my little research and found out where [the woman Ryant was having his affair with] lived and did my little tracking. It's awful, because you get obsessed with looking and digging and searching and then once you're right, it just motivates you to keep looking and keep digging and keep searching and there's no end to it.…

"It was really helpful to hear him say that there were things that he could have done also in our relationship that could have done a lot for me. I think a lot of men are under the impression that flowers and candy and cards are great but, you know, mop a floor and unload a dishwasher. Get me in bed a little earlier. I mean, those things are a turn-on."

Danine turned her experience of tracking Ryant's cheating ways into the book, Ultimate Betrayal.