Chris & Mary

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Mary, Chris's wife, had to deal with the fact that Chris had brought his mistress into their home before—something the other men in the roundtable said they would never have done. But Mary is finding a way to believe in her husband again.

Mary: Well, a lot of things were brought up [when finding out of the affair] and I was a raving maniac.

Oprah: Yeah, that would kind of make you a raving maniac. Whenever you have the possibility to rave on.

Mary: But we talked through it. You know, you just need to talk through it. You need to deal with it day by day and, yes, it's disrespect and we're moving on from that.

Oprah: When you saw your husband, he was very emotional. How did that make you feel?

Mary: That he still cares. He loves me, I love him and we're going to work it out.