The Jonas Brothers

If you have a teenager in the house, chances are you've heard of the Jonas Brothers. This sibling trio has sold more than a million albums and caused teenybopper hysteria all across the country!

Since their second album, Jonas Brothers, soared to the top of the charts, 20-year-old Kevin, 18-year-old Joe and 15-year-old Nick have been considered the hottest boy band on the planet.

Some critics are even comparing their popularity to that of The Beatles. "To be compared to them is amazing, but we're just three guys from New Jersey who are living the dream," Nick says. "It's awesome."
The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers phenomenon didn't start as a family endeavor. At first, Nick was signed by a record label as a solo artist.

"He was making a record, and me, Joe and Nick actually all wrote a song together," Kevin says. "We actually asked him, 'Would that be all right?' at the time, and he was like, 'Absolutely.' So we did it, and then we all got signed."

For years, the brothers rode around in a van playing small gigs. In 2005, they were asked to tour with artists like Kelly Clarkson and the Backstreet Boys. Momentum continued to build, and by 2007, the success of their self-titled album propelled them to stardom. That year, they became regular guest stars on the Disney Channel and performed at the American Music Awards.

Since hitting it big, Nick says they've had some incredible experiences. "We did a tour with Miley Cyrus. That was pretty amazing," he says. "[We've] sold out arena tours."

The brothers were even asked to spend Easter at the White House performing for President George W. Bush and a lawn full of fans. "It was incredible. [The president] was jamming. I think he's a fan," Joe says. "After he had his little speech, he leaned over and said, 'That's just the way we roll.' That's one of our songs!"

Joe says the president also said he liked the pink shoes Joe was wearing that day. "I want to send him a pair of shoes," he says. "If that's possible."
The Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers fans aren't just devoted...they're also persistent. Oprah says she's received thousands of e-mails begging her to have the band on her show.

Two fans made an impression on Oprah Show producers when they made it their mission to bring these brothers to Chicago. Kim and Alessandra, both 16, filled producers' in-boxes with e-mails, started an online petition and posted their pleas on YouTube.

"We are huge fans of the Jonas Brothers," Alessandra says on YouTube. "So we're making a video to tell you to—well, ask you to bring them on your show."

Kim and Alessandra's persistence paid off. To give them the good news, Oprah and the Jonas Brothers teamed up for the surprise of a lifetime.
The Jonas Brothers surprise Alessandra and Kim onstage.

After Kevin, Nick and Joe found out Kim and Alessandra had tickets to one of their concerts, they decide that's where the surprise should go down.

In front of thousands of screaming concertgoers, the brothers stop the music and call their two biggest fans onstage. "You two wonderful ladies have been calling and writing Oprah for us to get onto the show," Joe says. "Well, we are going to be on Oprah, but there's one more guys are coming too!"

Watch Watch the Jonas Brothers surprise Kim and Alessandra.

After a lot of screaming, crying and jumping up and down, Kim calms down enough to call her mother and share the good news.
The Jonas family eats breakfast together.

When the Jonas Brothers aren't onstage, you can usually find them spending time with the rest of their family. Their parents, Denise and Kevin Sr., and Frankie, their youngest brother, travel with them from city to city.

On the morning of a big concert, the brothers' day starts with a wake-up call from Mom. Then, it's time to fuel up for a hectic day. "We're having breakfast together as a family this morning, which is rare," Denise says. "I like to take advantage of that time if we can."

Watch Watch the Jonas family joke around over breakfast.

Denise says her family used to eat dinner together every night, but because of the concert schedule, they've had to come up with an alternative. "Our dinnertime now is after a concert on the bus," she says. "We're in that tour bus together—all six of us. It's close quarters."

Though Denise has seen her sons perform hundreds of time, she says she's still in awe every night. "They're using their gifts with such excellence and such joy. We've always lived our life not to be rigid and [to] really let our capacity be great," she says. "I think it's rubbed off on them, and they've just lived their lives that way."
Kevin Sr. talks about his sons' success.

Sudden success goes to some young stars' heads, but the Jonas Brothers credit their family for keeping them humble. Kevin says his parents always taught him to "live like you're at the bottom, even if you're at the top."

"Of course people say, 'Oh, so you think you're at the top?' No, not at all. There's so much more we haven't accomplished," Kevin says. "The fact that we have these opportunities is such an honor and a blessing, and we wouldn't change it for the world. We just have to know that every day is special."

Their father, Kevin Sr., says his sons' faith also helps them keep their priorities straight. "We're not raising boys. We're raising men and fathers and husbands," he says. "It's very important to us that they can live their dreams, but the first priority is that they're good people."

Over the years, this band of brothers has learned to lean on each another when times get tough. "It really is cool that we have each other to be there for. When I'm on the road, Joe and I share a room, so we have the late-night conversations as we're laying in our beds thinking, 'It's amazing all these opportunities that we have,'" Nick says. "It's just this dynamic, and family is really what it comes down to."
The Jonas Brothers perform 'When You Look Me in the Eyes.'

The Oprah Show audience is filled with young Jonas Brothers fans who've been waiting to hear their favorite band perform their hit single "When You Look Me in the Eyes."