The Jonas family eats breakfast together.

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When the Jonas Brothers aren't onstage, you can usually find them spending time with the rest of their family. Their parents, Denise and Kevin Sr., and Frankie, their youngest brother, travel with them from city to city.

On the morning of a big concert, the brothers' day starts with a wake-up call from Mom. Then, it's time to fuel up for a hectic day. "We're having breakfast together as a family this morning, which is rare," Denise says. "I like to take advantage of that time if we can."

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Denise says her family used to eat dinner together every night, but because of the concert schedule, they've had to come up with an alternative. "Our dinnertime now is after a concert on the bus," she says. "We're in that tour bus together—all six of us. It's close quarters."

Though Denise has seen her sons perform hundreds of time, she says she's still in awe every night. "They're using their gifts with such excellence and such joy. We've always lived our life not to be rigid and [to] really let our capacity be great," she says. "I think it's rubbed off on them, and they've just lived their lives that way."