The Jonas Brothers

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The Jonas Brothers phenomenon didn't start as a family endeavor. At first, Nick was signed by a record label as a solo artist.

"He was making a record, and me, Joe and Nick actually all wrote a song together," Kevin says. "We actually asked him, 'Would that be all right?' at the time, and he was like, 'Absolutely.' So we did it, and then we all got signed."

For years, the brothers rode around in a van playing small gigs. In 2005, they were asked to tour with artists like Kelly Clarkson and the Backstreet Boys. Momentum continued to build, and by 2007, the success of their self-titled album propelled them to stardom. That year, they became regular guest stars on the Disney Channel and performed at the American Music Awards.

Since hitting it big, Nick says they've had some incredible experiences. "We did a tour with Miley Cyrus. That was pretty amazing," he says. "[We've] sold out arena tours."

The brothers were even asked to spend Easter at the White House performing for President George W. Bush and a lawn full of fans. "It was incredible. [The president] was jamming. I think he's a fan," Joe says. "After he had his little speech, he leaned over and said, 'That's just the way we roll.' That's one of our songs!"

Joe says the president also said he liked the pink shoes Joe was wearing that day. "I want to send him a pair of shoes," he says. "If that's possible."