Uma Thurman

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Uma Thurman stars with screen legend Meryl Streep in the new romantic comedy Prime. In the film, Uma plays Rafi, a recently divorced career woman who's sharp, successful and sexy—but so far, unlucky in love. Rafi's rock is her therapist, Lisa (Streep), a woman with whom Rafi shares everything. When Rafi starts dating an attentive and charming new man, her life seems to take an unexpected and pleasant turn. The only problem... the 14-year age difference! To complicate things even further, Rafi's new beau turns out to be her therapist's son!

In Prime, Uma's character turns to Meryl for some answers about life. Now, Uma gets that chance for real! "I think that I played it pretty cool when we worked together," Uma says before their interview. "But she's probably about to see what a huge, horrible, geeky fan, obsessed, passionate admirer of her work I've been all my life. She's an icon. She's a legend."

With her Legends Ball, Oprah honored 25 women whose inspiring lives and careers make them living legends. In that same spirit, Uma's going on assignment for the Oprah Show to interview her personal living legend and Prime co-star, Meryl Streep.