For more than 20 years, The Young and the Restless has been the number one rated daytime soap. Actress Jeanne Cooper, 82, plays the show's no-nonsense queen bee Mrs. Chancellor. After 37 years on the show, she's been nominated for an Emmy 14 times. She recieved a Lifetime Achivement Award from the daytime Emmys in 2004, and in 2008, she took home an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress.

Jeanne hasn't been afraid to inject her real-life drama into the show. Both she and Mrs. Chancellor have publicly battled alcoholism, and when Jeanne had a facelift in 1984, her character got one too. In some ways, Jeanne could be considered the first reality show star because she actually allowed The Young and the Restless cameras to film her surgery. "[Executive Producer] Bill Bell said, 'Do you mind if we make a storyline out of it?' And I said if you do it in a documentary fashion...[I didn't want to] make it glamorous and Hollywood."

After all her years on the show, Jeanne says she is committed to her audience and she's proud of how her character has impacted their lives. "She has given hope, strength and vision to a lot of people," she says. 

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