When Angie and Jesse first came to All My Children in 1982, they were the first African-American supercouple in daytime television. Played by Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan, they were a modern-day Romeo and Juliet—the good girl and the street-smart bad boy. Fans of the couple tuned in religiously, watching as Angie became a doctor and Jesse a detective. In a tragic twist, Jesse was killed in 1988...only to be resurrected from the dead 20 years later!

Over the years, both Darnell and Debbi have left and returned to the show several times, but now that they're back, they say they're still having fun. "[Darnell] is such a special person in my life," Debbi says. "Even the years that we were apart and we didn't see each other and we weren't working together, we always stayed in communication. I love him dearly."

In fact, the two actors are so close that Darnell actually gave Debbi away when she got married last June! See why it was an emotional moment for both of them. 

Darnell and Debbi have both won Emmys for their roles, making Debbi the only African-American actress to ever snag the daytime acting honor.


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