Tony and Genie have known each other for more than 31 years, but they say they never dated in real life. "We spent so much time together on the show, doing four or five days a week, kissing and stuff. We got if off together on the air," Tony says.

As for their infamous wedding day, they say the things they remember the most are the heat (they were filming in L.A. in August) and the dress. "I was not allowed to sit in that dress," Genie says. "The dress was very important, and [our producer] Gloria was very tense that day." Genie says she was given something called a "lean board," so she could rest without having to sit down.

Watch Tony and Genie talk about their big day. 

Genie hasn't appeared on General Hospital since 2006, but fans are dying to know if she'll be returning to the show. "If there was a way to go forward with Laura and make her into what I would like her to be now, then perhaps I would do that," Genie says. "She has to move forward. There's nothing in me that is wiling to play a victim anymore."
While soap fans everywhere are rooting for a Luke and Laura reunion, some might be surprised to learn about a real-life lover from Tony's past—the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. "I spent a couple of years with her, and it was a wonderful time in my life," Tony says.


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