There are many differences between Susan and the character she plays on TV, but perhaps the most striking one is their love lives. While Erica has been through countless lovers, Susan has been happily married to her husband Helmut for 41 years. Together the couple has two children, Liza and Andreas. "If the shoe were on the other foot and Helmut was the actor kissing all those women, like I've been kissing all those men, I don't think I could have done so well," Susan laughs.

On screen, Susan's character Erica has taken 11 trips down the aisle and been married eight times—that's more husbands than anyone else in soap history! "I spent more time with these men in a lot of ways than anybody else, and with every one, [I have] a wonderful memory," Susan says. 

For the first time ever, all of Erica's husbands come together! Watch Susan come face-to-face with all her leading men.


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