Laura says they crossed back into China—with North Korean border guards in pursuit. "About halfway across the ice, we heard yelling coming from down the river," Laura says. "I turned around and saw two North Korean soldiers with rifles running toward us."

Laura says she ran as fast as she could. "I'm on this frozen river, and just as I'm about to make it onto the Chinese soil, my boot falls into the ice," she says. "So I hurl my body onto the soil and push myself up and I continued to run, and eventually the soldiers, they chased us onto Chinese soil and apprehended us."

At one point, Laura says Euna stopped to help her. "I felt that gravity was pulling me down until I eventually couldn't run anymore. And I fell," she says. "Euna was behind me. And as she was running, she stopped. And seconds later, the guards were upon us with their guns pointed."

Laura and Euna were captured, but their guide got away. "He did come back and he was walking very slowly, and according to Euna, he said to the guards, 'Take me instead,'" she says. "But when they tried to grab him, he dashed off. So I think perhaps he was maybe trying to buy time for us to escape."


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