Some critics say Laura and Euna's reporting was irresponsible and that they shouldn't have been near the border. "I was on an assignment to tell a story for Current TV about a crisis that is taking place, and I wanted to raise awareness about the horrific conditions in North Korea and what these desperate people are fleeing," she says. "That story was never able to be told. I hope that this book can shine a light on that, as well as what happened during my captivity."

Lisa says she's more determined than ever to finish telling the story her sister started. "It was so traumatizing that [Laura] has wanted to slow down a bit. I, on the other hand, am kind of crazier than ever to want to expose things and report," Lisa says. "I have become even more determined than ever to try and raise awareness. There's a real crisis, and we continue to hope that people, through Laura and Euna's experience, will want to become more aware of this humanitarian crisis on the border of North Korea and China."

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