As a reporter for Current TV, Laura Ling's job often takes her to the most dangerous places in the world. On March 17, 2009, Laura and her colleague Euna Lee found themselves held captive in one of the most isolated countries in the world—North Korea.

While reporting on the thousands of North Koreans who cross the Chinese border every year to escape the country's communist regime, Laura and Euna briefly crossed into North Korea from China. After they were violently attacked by soldiers, the women found themselves in a North Korean prison—and at the center of an international standoff between the United States and one of the only countries it has no diplomatic relations with.

As Laura sat imprisoned in a foreign land, her sister, Oprah Show correspondent Lisa Ling, fought to bring her little sister home, even orchestrating top secret negotiations at the highest levels to help free Laura and Euna.

Now, the sisters are sharing their story in the memoir Somewhere Inside. In their first interview together, Lisa and Laura share the details of Laura's 140 days in captivity.


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