One fact Lisa says wasn't widely reported in the coverage of this story was Laura and Euna's sentencing. The women were only sentenced to two years for illegal entry. "The bulk of that sentence [10 years] was for hostile acts—which was journalism," Lisa says. "Thousands of people are fleeing and risking their lives and ending up in China, where they're sold into slavery or forced into marriage. It's a story that neither country is particularly proud of." 

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Some critics say Laura and Euna were irresponsible and shouldn't have been near the border. As a journalist, Lisa encourages anyone who follows news to consider things from a reporter's perspective. "They never intended to cross the border. So circumstances led to whatever happened that day. Certainly my sister and Euna, it's the biggest mistake they've ever made. But in the course of doing stories, sometimes things arise," Lisa says. "When stories come out, we devour these stories without really understanding the lengths that sometimes it takes to get those stories—particularly a story like this."

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