Kirstie's not the only one who loves Jamie. "He's a very, very dear friend of mine," Oprah says. "Anybody who is going to be with Jamie needs to be willing to share. Because there are going to be other girls." 

Oprah's certainly willing to share her dear friend, and to prove it she has a surprise for Kirstie—he's here! "I know your kids are in the audience, so I don't want to go too wild," Jamie says. "But listen, you're absolutely beautiful. Don't worry about how much you weigh or how much you don't weigh. It's all beautiful, so don't worry about a thing and quit worrying. Just be you, fantastically you." 

"That's why I love you, Jamie," Kirstie says. In fact, she adores him so much she's come up with a name for herself: a Foxxhound.


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