To reach her ideal weight, Kirstie says she needs to lose about 90 pounds. "I took some of your advice, and it was, 'Just go to where you know you look good, you feel good,'" she says. "I honest to God don't know what [the number] is. I know what it isn't. ... I think in the 40s was good. I think 140, 145, 150."

Kirstie says she's not going to hold fast to a number goal. "I think when I'm strutting around most of the day, I'm done," she says. "I started seven weeks ago, and I've lost 20-ish." 

No goal would be achievable without a little inspiration, and Kirstie says hers comes in the form of a muse: actor Jamie Foxx. "I like to think about Mr. Jamie Foxx and I. I mean, I'll never be with him. But I like to think about, like, I disrobe and I [say] 'Jamie, turn the lights off,'" she says. "I love him because he's so talented. It's like the guy that any instrument you hand him, he can play. He's a brilliant actor; he's funny. That's why he's my muse."


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