Like Truddi Chase, Kim is also a mother. When Kim's daughter, Aimee, celebrated her 13th birthday, many of the personalities gave her cards and bought presents.

Kim explains that "Dawn" was the personality who gave birth to Aimee. "Only one of us could be at the birth," she says. "We couldn't all be there because only one person can be in charge."

Aimee says being raised by a mom with 20 personalities is interesting but seems normal to her. "I haven't seen any different," she says. Aimee says she doesn't remember a time when she didn't know that her mother had DID, and Kim and her therapists don't hide anything from Aimee.

While Aimee knows all of Kim's personalities, she doesn't always immediately know which one is present at all times. "If they're new and I haven't seen them before or heard of them, then I would ask them who they are," she says. "That's how I get to build a relationship with them."


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