Oprah's 1990 interview with a woman named Truddi Chase remains one of the most unforgettable interviews in Oprah Show history. After suffering years of horrific sexual abuse that started when she was just 2 years old, Truddi's mind split into multiple personalities—92 in all.

Read Truddi's story.

Like Truddi, Kim Noble has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, or DID—the preferred term for what used to be called multiple personality disorder. Kim is a 49-year-old mother who lives outside London and has 20 different personalities.

Among Kim's personalities are "Patricia," the primary personality; "Salome," a devout Catholic; "Judy," the personality who comes out at mealtimes and, despite Kim's slight frame, thinks she weighs more than 200 pounds; and "Ken," a depressed gay man.

Psychologists suspect Kim suffered severe trauma from sexual abuse as a young child that caused her mind to split into these multiple personalities. To communicate with "Patricia," "Judy," "Salome," "Ken" and the others, Kim's therapist sends emails to each of them. "We've got all different email addresses," Kim says. "They have their own password. So I've sat there trying to get in by thinking, 'What's the first word that comes into my head?' And trying to think what may be their password so I could actually look at their emails."


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