High school sweethearts Ethan and Casey Jones had a picture-perfect life: They married right after college, built their dream home and had a beautiful daughter named Eliot.

Then, they decided to have one more child using the same fertility treatment they used to conceive Eliot. But, the second time around, the results were a little different. Instead of one baby, they conceived five: Brooklyn, Ryan, Jack, Britton and Lila. Now, the quintuplets are almost 2 years old.

Casey says she never imagined how much her life would change when her family of three grew to a family of eight. "Our life is just so crazy busy from the minute I open my eyes in the morning till the time I go to bed at night," she says. "It's unbelievable."

They're also coming to terms with the fact that raising six children isn't cheap. "We're like a balloon that's blown up, and you can see the side walls of the balloon just stretching and stretching, and you know at any moment it's just going to pop," Ethan says.


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