Katherine always stood by her son's side even when some supporters turned their backs. In 2005, Michael was on trial for allegedly molesting a minor, intoxicating a minor, abduction, and conspiracy to hold the boy and his father captive at his home, Neverland Ranch. Throughout the entire ordeal, Katherine showed up in court every day to support her son. She never once believed he could be guilty of molesting or hurting a child.

"He loved children," she says. "Michael would always say: 'Mother, why are they accusing me of something I love the most? I'd rather slit my own wrists than to hurt a child.'"

The trial seemed to take its toll on Michael, his mother says, changing who he was as a person.

"He used to trust people," Katherine says. "And after that trial, he didn't trust anybody. ... He would always tell me: 'Mother, I don't trust anybody. The only person I trust is you.'"


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