Michael had many different looks throughout the years, and Katherine says he was insecure about his features—insecurities that stemmed back to his teen years. When Oprah interviewed Michael in 1993, she says he didn't want any pictures of himself as a teenager to be shown. "He thought of himself as ugly," Oprah recalls.

It's something Michael would say to Katherine all the time, she says, but she wasn't able to convince him otherwise. Then, one day, Michael decided to do something about it. "He made up his mind, and he just left [the house]," Katherine says. "And when I inquired about where he was, [he said] he had gone down to get his nose done."

That surgery sparked a series of surgeries that seemed to transform Michael right before his fans' eyes. His nose got smaller and smaller—"like a toothpick," Katherine says.

Katherine says she tried talking to her son about putting an end to the surgeries, but she believes he became addicted and could not stop himself. So, Katherine says she reached out to his plastic surgeon.

"I said [to Michael's plastic surgeon]: 'If he comes there and wants you to work on his nose, just tell him you did it and do the same thing. Don't change it, and just tell him, 'Okay, I've finished,' and that's it,'" Katherine says.

"But they didn't listen to you," Oprah says.

"No," Katherine says. "They should have."


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