The public may have been bewildered by some of Michael's parenting decisions, but Paris says she feels like no one understands what a good father he was.

Watch Paris and Prince describe Michael as a father.   

Paris' favorite memories of her father are when the two of them spent quality time together. "One time, we went on the roof [of our house] when we were in Las Vegas, and we just saw the Luxor lights," Paris says. "And sometimes, he would take me to an art museum because we both loved art."

Without hesitation, Prince shares his fondest memory of his father. "We were in Bahrain. We used to wake up early and walk the beach—with Coca-Cola and Skittles or Snickers," he says.

Whether he was cooking breakfast for his kids—"He was a great cook!" Paris says—or protecting them from media scrutiny, Michael left his children with a wealth of happy memories and cherished moments.

"He was just a normal dad," Paris says. "Except for he was, I would say, the best dad ever."

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