In the Jackson family, a new generation of talent is emerging with Katherine and Joe's grandchildren. Prince Michael, Michael's oldest, says he wants to produce movies and direct when he gets older. Paris says she would like to be an actress and reveals that she used to do improv with her father.

Now that they live with their grandma, Michael's children are adjusting to a new "normal." Until this year, Prince and Paris were home-schooled, and despite some first-day jitters, they say the transition into the classroom has gone well. Blanket, the youngest and shiest of Michael's children, is still home-schooled.

"You all lived, from what I can gather, a very sheltered, literally veiled life," Oprah says to the children. "Did you know at the time why you were putting on the mask?

Prince answers: "Because then if we went out without our dad, nobody would really recognize us."

See what else the Jackson children have to say about wearing veils in public.   

"Did you appreciate being behind the veil or mask at the time?" Oprah asks.

"I appreciated it," Paris says.


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