During his interview with Oprah in 1993, Michael talked about his complicated relationship with his father. He even confessed that he was scared of Joe, saying, "There have been times when he's come to see me, and I would get sick."

Watch Joe respond to allegations that he beat his children.   

"Do you think [Michael] was afraid of you?" Oprah asks Joe.

"I don't think he was afraid of me," Joe says. "Maybe [he was afraid] of doing something wrong, and I'd chastise him. Not beat him. I never beat him."

"He told me that you beat him," Oprah says.

"[Joe] used a strap," Katherine says.

Joe says the way he disciplined his children has kept them out of trouble and out of jail. "Nine kids, never been in jail," he says.

"Do you regret those strappings on your children?" Oprah asks.

"No, because it kept them all out of jail," Joe says. "I raised them right, and they were good kids all the way."


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