Is it true that some people can cast votes outside of the vote window after the show?

No, this is not true. As part of the process to ensure that the The Oprah Show voting system is accurate and ready for the public to call and vote, a test window is built into the toll-free system for the day before each vote show. During this test window, anyone calling the toll-free numbers from a phone with a West Coast area code will hear the "Thanks for voting" message. This vote window is for testing purposes only, and any calls received during this time do not count as valid votes. Your votes will only count if you call during the valid vote window after the performance show. Outside of these hours, votes will not count, even if you hear the "Thanks for voting" message.

How much does it cost to vote?

Telephone calls to the voting lines are toll-free from landlines, so you will not be charged to vote. If you use a cell phone to call, airtime and applicable roaming and long-distance charges will apply.

Can I vote by using my cell phone?

Yes, you can vote using your cell phone, although airtime and applicable roaming and long-distance charges will apply to toll-free numbers from cell phones. Contact your cell phone service provider if you want to know how much you will be charged.

Text message voting is not available for Oprah's Karaoke Challenge.

I couldn't get through to the lines or all I get is a busy signal when I call—why?

Although the telephone network is designed to handle huge volumes of calls simultaneously, there may be times (particularly just after the show) when it will not be able to handle every single call due to the sheer volume. If you are calling during the valid voting window but can't get through to cast your vote, be patient and try again.

If you hear the fast busy signal, it may be that you are calling outside of the voting window. When the window closes, lines will switch from a "Thank you for voting" message to a fast busy signal.

If you are sure you are calling within the voting window but still can't get through, it may be that your local phone company has been flooded with calls. Try waiting a few minutes before calling again. If you still have problems, contact your local phone company.

Can I vote if I subscribe to a digital phone service or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service?

Yes, you can vote if you subscribe to some digital or Internet-based phone systems, such as Vonage or Skype.

When I called one of the toll-free lines, I heard the wrong contestant number—why?

All lines for The Oprah Show are tested before going on-air to make sure the lines work properly and are playing out the correct audio. If you call and hear the wrong contestant's number it's possible you accidentally misdialed, so check the number and dial again.


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