Jon Stewart and Oprah

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Is Jon feeling the pressure of hosting a broadcast that is reportedly seen by a billion people worldwide?

"It's amazed me how much pressure is put upon it," he says. "I sort of just think of it as it's a monologue at an awards show. But the pressure that others have begun to put on me makes me realize if this goes badly, people may die," Jon jokes.

Jon does admit that he feels some pressure to do a good job. "When you see people like Felicity [Huffman] and Terrence [Howard], how extraordinarily grateful and pleased they are, that's really the only pressure that I feel," Jon says. "I don't want to ruin their wedding. I've bombed before, but these people have worked their entire careers to get this kind of opportunity and I just feel like I owe it to them."

As a comedian following in the tradition of legendary hosts like Billy Crystal, you might think hosting the Oscars® was one of Jon's dreams. "No, I wanted to play for the Knicks," he jokes. "But I can't dunk."

The Kodak Theatre will be full of legends and the movers and shakers of Hollywood. Is Jon worried about upsetting any of them?