Millions of readers know where Liz went to eat, pray and love, but where would Julia find it?

When it comes to food, Julia says she always enjoys a good, big meal. "I had a big steak last night that just had me smiling until this morning," she says. "I like garlic. Anything with a lot of garlic on it, I'm going to like it. [I like] pasta, a nice ragout. But, you know, also put something in the Crock-Pot, it's going to come out, and I'm going to like it."

Julia finds peace during quiet times at home, at the end of a long day. "You can hear all the kids sleeping, breathing. [I'm] holding my husband's hand," she says. "Just knowing that tomorrow we get to do it all again."

For Julia, the love part isn't hard to find. "I have a great family, the family I'm a part of as a sister and a daughter and just really close friends," she says. "Then, to get to translate that into being with Danny and our three children, that's the biggest love that you can have. One you almost can't contain."


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