There are some things books communicate better than movies and other things movies convey better than books. But, Liz says, there's one thing an actress like Julia can communicate better than anyone.

"Your gift is that you're able to take the personal and render it universal," Liz says to Julia. "I think that's what had to happen, because it's an incredibly personal story. And now it isn't. Now it is universal, which means everyone gets to have it as their own."

Liz says she's relieved Julia will share the role of "Liz Gilbert" with her because it had gotten too big for her to handle.

"I feel like, 'Oh, she's so much more to your scale what happened with Eat, Pray, Love.' Now I can go back to my garden, and you can go be Liz Gilbert, which makes me really happy," she says to Julia. "I've always felt like the energy of Eat, Pray, Love, it's like this parade that just keeps going around the block, and I'm looking out the window."


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