Liz says she never understood why so many people embraced her book...until now. Unexpectedly, she says the film helped her discover the universal truth embodied by her personal journey.

"[Eat, Pray, Love] always felt like such a contemplative, specific internal personal journey and a very private kind of internal conversation," she says. "It seemed like my trajectory was so different from others. Then I watched the movie and [I] figured out this piece of it, which is that it's more than just a spiritual journey. The book is also the story of how difficult it is to get over a broken heart."

Liz says every person in the story—herself included—has either disappointed someone, been disappointing themselves, is afraid of love or is beginning again at love.

"There's just this energy of the whole movie about how hard intimacy is. ... How much we long for it and need it," she says. "I saw it suddenly when it was on the screen and realized: 'Oh, that's everyone's story. That's where we all are in our lives, trying to figure out who we are in relationship to those around us and how we get over our greatest disappointments and try again.'"


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