Days before flying to Chicago to appear on The Oprah Show alongside Julia, Liz and her husband, Felipe, saw Eat, Pray, Love for the very first time. They asked to watch it alone.

"We're in this big empty movie theater, curled up on each other crying and shaking and laughing and talking out loud and saying, 'There's Richard, and there's Sophie, and there's Giovanni,'" Liz says. "What I was watching encapsulated the worst and best time of my life, condensed down into two hours. So I came out of it shaken, amazed, delighted, tearful."

After the movie, Liz and Felipe went home, drank two bottles of wine and went to bed at 8 p.m. Even now, she says she's still gets emotional thinking about it.

Though the film brought back a few sad memories, Liz says she was amazed by the process. "I'm not a visual person. I'm not a photographer. I didn't take pictures while I was traveling. I was writing," she says. "And Ryan was so adamant ... about going to exactly those locations, so it's essentially like this amazing director and this great actress and this cinematographer got together and made me a home movie of my year's journey. But they Photoshopped me out and replaced me with somebody with really amazing skin and 36-inch legs. Who wouldn't love that?"

As a bonus, Liz says the Hollywood version of herself gets entangled with a few handsome actors. "I get to watch me making out with Javier Bardem, which is also not a bad way to spend an afternoon," she says.


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