When she's not globe-trotting with her family and shooting Hollywood blockbusters, Julia says she's like most mothers. At home, she sews, knits, organizes playdates and carpools her children to preschool.

During the quiet moments, Julia takes time to appreciate her husband, a man she says she "sort of worships," and their three children.

"I live with four really strong personalities, and it's just really fascinating to me to be in this little biosphere of Moder-ville where we live," she says. "You just go, 'God, life is so cool.' If you can find that place where you can just watch it happening before your eyes...we're just filled with gratitude in our house."

Though she still loves acting, Julia says she now has something that takes top priority. "I definitely love my place in the world with these people more," she says. "If I had to make a choice, it would be a very easy choice to make."


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