For the first time, Tom and Julia get romantically entangled on the silver screen in Larry Crowne, but in real life, they're both happily married.

Tom and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, just celebrated their 23rd anniversary. "I won the lottery with my wife. ... [She's] the greatest thing that's happened to the planet Earth. My wife made me 100 percent man. I was only about 68 percent until I met her," Tom says. "Our eyes will still meet across a crowded room, and there's a little something."

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Julia says she's held tight to the role of Mrs. Danny Moder. "He hates when I talk about him, but I just love him to bits," she says. "My girlfriend, Kelly Meyer, said this great thing one time. She said, 'If you want an interesting relationship, stay in one.' And it's true, because 11 years later, it just gets more and more interesting being with him every day. ... And he's hot."


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