While the September 20, 2010, issue of New York magazine called this "The Jon Stewart Decade," Jon says he doesn't spend much time thinking about the impact The Daily Show has on our culture. Instead, he says he focuses on meeting the show's own high standards of entertainment and information.

Jon says starting his career as a standup comic taught him the value of not placing too much emphasis on what others say about you. "You'd have nights where you would just bomb onstage, and you would feel like the biggest loser in the world. Then you'd have other nights with the same material where you would crush. What it begins to teach you is the reaction is not necessarily the barometer of the quality of something," he says. "I think there are people out there who like me too much and there are people out there who hate me too much. It's like figure skating: I just toss out the high score and the low score and I go, 'I'm probably somewhere in there.' To maintain any kind of balance in this type of industry, I think you have to develop that."


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