After his arrest, Gacy recanted his confession and maintained his innocence until he was executed. Karen says he told her he wasn't guilty of all the murders, but maybe one or two. "I said, 'Well, then you're guilty of all because you can't kill one and not be guilty,'" she says. "I felt kind of cheated in a way because I didn't know part of him."

Karen spent Gacy's last day with him, and she says it seemed he was at peace with it. "He said, 'If I have to live in prison for the rest of my life, I'd rather be dead.' He was very calm about what he had said. It's like he was resigned with the fact because he didn't want to live anymore in a constricted area," she says.

Though she loved the brother she knew, Karen says she hates the part of him that committed the crimes. "I had always said to my husband and my family that if any appeal ever worked, I'd see to it that he never walked the face of the earth again," she says. "That's said because I did love him as a brother, but I didn't like anything about what he did. "


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