As the most prominent heir to the Kennedy family's fortune and name, John is probably the closest thing to royalty in America. Yet, despite their great wealth, John says his family places great emphasis on working. After graduating from Brown University, John helped various Kennedy family charities. After law school, he worked as a prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney's office. These days, John is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of George, a new political lifestyle magazine that recently published its seventh issue. While reading some political magazines feels like attending a public policy lecture, George strives to make politics hip. Its tagline is: "Not Just Politics as Usual."

George's namesake is George Washington, and each issue's cover references our first president's iconic image. The magazine's "inaugural issue" featured a photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford dressed in a wig and Revolutionary War–style military coat...and an exposed midriff!

Watch John talk about starting George.

"If you're trying to talk about public issues and politics and showcase it in a positive, different way, I think people like the idea," John says. "My partner and I, Michael Berman, we had an idea, but we didn't know quite how it would show in the real world."

It's clearly working—George is already the largest-selling political magazine in the country.


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