In an August 8, 2008, interview with ABC's Bob Woodruff, John admitted to a brief affair with Rielle but denied paternity of her baby. "That bizarre interview with Bob Woodruff fit into what he had told Elizabeth," Andrew says. "He told her that Rielle had made him come to the hotel room because I wasn't paying child support. And, she was going to blackmail [John] and come clean about their one-night affair unless he started paying child support."

Andrew and Cheri say they didn't watch the interview until eight months later. "It's just spooky. You know that every word that's coming out of his mouth is a lie. But he makes you believe it," Andrew says. "He had a capacity to make not just us but political pundits, people all across the world believe him. And I'm sorry for what we did, but I'm also sorry for these thousands of people who gave $10, $25, $50 [to John's campaign]."


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