Andrew says part of John's plan was for Rielle to move in with the Young family during her pregnancy. So, that's what happened. From late December 2007 until February 2008, the Youngs and Rielle, who assumed the name Jaya James, moved to California and lived under the same roof.

Although they shared a home with Rielle, the Youngs say they lived very separate lives. "I will tell you that we were not one happy family. But we made do," Cheri says. "We had our children, and we had to do for our children. We had to provide them the normal comfort that we have at our own house."

The one person missing from the picture, Andrew says, was John. Although Andrew says John kept in contact with Rielle, John distanced himself from his old friend. "Here we are living in California. We have no support group," Andrew says. "He didn't speak to me for three months."

Andrew says he called John the night Rielle went into labor. "I said: 'She's going to have the baby. You need to call.' He refused to call," he says. "It was like a switch went off. I realized not only am I disposable, [but] everybody's disposable."


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