After the photos of Rielle were published , Andrew's attorney released a statement saying Andrew was the father of the child. It also stated that John had no knowledge of any relationship between Andrew and Rielle. "I took the hit for them," he says. "[Then] within 24, 48 hours, in order to make the story seem more credible, the Edwardses and the campaign started saying derogatory things about me."

In truth, Andrew says the affair had been blamed on him long before he complied with John's plan. According to Andrew, Elizabeth found out about the affair before the tabloid photo was released. At that time, Andrew says John told Elizabeth he slept with Rielle once and that Andrew was the one having an affair with Rielle. "Which didn't make any sense because [Rielle] was traveling with him all the time, and I was at home in North Carolina," Andrew says.

Still, Andrew claims Elizabeth became angry with him. "Whenever she was suspicious of anything, I had become the one that she had come to blame things on," he says. "She insisted that [John] fire me, but he kept me because I was the fall guy."


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