Andrew says John Edwards was more than just his boss. "[My wife and I] had worked with the Edwardses and become close personal friends," he says. "I had volunteered for his Senate campaign in '97 and '98. And when I first met them, they were the most inspiring people to work for. I loved them."

Andrew says he and John grew closer as their friendship evolved. "He became like a big brother to me," Andrew says. "We went to basketball games."

Andrew's wife, Cheri, also considered John and Elizabeth family, and Elizabeth thanked the couple in her 2006 book, Saving Graces. "We did everything [for them]. Both of us. I would cook breakfast. Whatever he wanted, whatever they needed. When they came back from D.C. and didn't have a car, they used my car. I was without a car. Or Andrew was without a car. It was extreme. We never, never said no."

Andrew says he stood by John in good times and bad. "I had been with him longer than anybody," he says. "Any time he got into any kind of hot water and needed something, he called me."


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