A month after discovering the alleged sex tape, the Youngs returned to North Carolina. Cheri says their homecoming was not a happy one."This was the worst time for us," she says. "We are clearly taking a beating [with] stuff in the newspaper."

Throughout the entire ordeal, Cheri claims Elizabeth often left her voice mails. "I can't for the life of me understand the voice mails she left me," she says. "If she knew the truth, why would she target me? If she thought that Andrew was the father, why would she target me?"

Cheri, a nurse, says she still feels for Elizabeth and her family. "I'm very sorry that she does have a terminal illness," she says. "I know what they're going through. I feel that. I care for them."

When asked if hiding John's mistress was really a smart way to protect Elizabeth, Cheri says she thought it was when she agreed to the plan. "It was not the right decision. We know now; we feel horrible," she says. "We're paying the consequences for somebody else's bad behavior. It was our bad behavior in that we accepted to do this. We don't want any sympathy." 

"Elizabeth's the biggest victim in all of this," Andrew says. "It's broken my heart that somebody who I considered my best friend lied to and then ran over me with a dump truck backward and forward. I can't fathom what Elizabeth has gone through." 


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