Good cooking and good eating habits start with the choices you make at the grocery store, Jessica says. She and her good friend Ali Wentworth pop in to a New Jersey grocery store to help a few shoppers make healthier purchases.

Here are a few of Jessica's tips:
  • Instead of picking out a sugar-laden breakfast cereal, choose a healthier version and sprinkle just a little sugar on top for a treat.
  • Skip the sodas and opt for no-sugar-added, 100 percent fruit juice. Then, be sure you only give your kids the recommended daily serving—it's probably a lot less volume than you think.
  • Avoid packaged lunches made with large quantities of sodium.
  • Make your pasta dinner using a mixture of regular noodles and whole wheat noodles, which will boost your fiber intake.
  • Don't go shopping hungry! Make a shopping list and stick with it.
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