Jessica shares one final recipe that's perfect for busy families: a roasted chicken that can be used for more than one meal. Making a roasted chicken sounds intimidating, but Jessica says that reputation is totally unfair!

Watch Jessica and Ali Wentworth show you the step-by-step path to a perfectly roasted chicken.

To make sure your bird is perfectly cooked, Jessica says it's a great idea to truss the chicken's legs—using a figure-8 pattern, tie the legs together—and to tuck the wings under the body. These steps aren't just for show. "The purpose of it is to make the chicken as compact as possible so it cooks evenly," she says.

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Another key is to put the chicken in the oven with the legs in the back. That is the area of the bird that needs to cook the longest," Jessica says. "And the most heat is in the back of the oven."

Don't let those leftover go to waste! Use the extra meat to make Chicken and Rice Soup, Chicken Satay and Pasta with Pea Pesto and Chicken.


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